Organisation and meaning of Parents Association.

The Parents Association is the organization that represents the families in the school. Its mission is to support the School in the education of their children.
The fathers and mothers who wish to participate in the Parents Association can do so in the following manner; through the General Assembly, Directors and Sub – Directors and the Class Representatives.
Participation in this organization is voluntary. The Directors are chosen by a General Assembly with a, secret ballot within 90 days of the start of the school year and in line with the statutes of the Parents Association. 
The amount for the fees paid to the Parents Association must be agreed upon by each Class Delegate. In the Subsidized and Private schools the amount should not exceed 0,5 UTM. annually (Approx.  $17.340  in March 2008).            
The Director must give an annual report of the funds of the organization.
Regulations that control the Parents Association.

Art 19 N° 15 Political Constitution: Establish the liberty of the Association. Decree 565/90:Approve the General  Regulations of the Parents Association of Schools officially recognized by the Ministry of Education.
Decree 732/97: Approve minutes and articles for the Parents Association that requests the signature of the legal personnel, according to Law 19.418 about neighborhood committees and other Community Organizations. Decree Law N° 19418/95: Law about Neighborhood Committees and other Community Organizations.


Our Mission

Our commitment is to deliver a bilingual education of a high academic level with values that reflect the challenges of today’s society in a global environment.

Our Vision

We dream of building a school of excellence where children and adolescents can develop their life plan in a nurturing family environment aspiring to encourage in them values inspired by respect, solidarity, responsibility and happiness.


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