Colegio Lirima

Colegio Lirima was created in Iquique, in 1985, stemming from an initiative of some parents who proposed an alternative education that was characterized by bilingualism and a high level of academic excellence. This filled a need in the frenetic growth of the city, evident in the changes and challenges that were apparent during that time. The name Lirima originates from a small village in the foothills of the Andes, in the 1st Region, Lirima means ”fox den” in the Aymara dialect. One of the particular traits of this Aymara community is that the parents themselves built the village school, an action that reflects the original parent’s idealism of the commitment they had towards their children’s education, as well as, their love and respect for the historical and geographical cultural wealth of this region. The School was founded on October 31st, 1985 and opened its doors on Rancagua Street 3264, on March 1st, 1986, with a total of 12 students. Mindful of the intention to have a school with a high educational excellence, the policy was to gradually develop the communiy by adding a consecutive class each year.

In 1993, the parents proposed to the Directors the possibility of the school continuing through 4Medio, based on the success of the existing school. Because of the commitment to the Lirima community that had already been established by the Directors, the decision was made to continue growing Lirima. The idea was well received.

Present Day.

Colegio Lirima is located at La Tirana Avenue 4650 where it is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Cooperative School of State Education and corresponds to the Article N° 544 of July 10th, 1986.

It’s a secular private co-educational school, originating from Cristian ideology, which respects all cultures. The name Lirima is synonymous with a small village in the foothills of the Andes not far from Iquique. It Colegio Lirima is recognized for its multi-culturism and its bilingual education of Spanish /English. The school vision is to achieve excellence where the students can develop in an affectionate family environment, and their dreams will be inspired by the core values of respect, responsibility, solidarity and happiness.

The educational promise is to offer a high level, bi-lingual education with an emphasis on values which enables our students to interact with society on a global level. The curriculum is based on an integral education where the family has a role, a large and the students emotional, social and rationalizing skills are developed along with their creativity, self-esteem and leadership.

Colegio Lirima is acknowledged for its positive results in SIMCE and PSU (National Based Exams). The emblem of the school incorporates 3 elements: the sun, the mountain and the sea which depict the geographical features of the 1st Region of Chile.

The Sun: This represents the light of knowledge, and its life giving energy. The Mountain: This represents the challenges that the school and all of its students have to face to succeed. The Sea: This represents our world, both inner and global, that is ready to explore.