Dear Parents,
Firstly, I would like to wish you a warm and friendly welcome to our school. It is an honor to be part of the team that dedicates their daily work to forming a well-rounded human being, creating transcendental values that unify us with our multiculturalism. We work tirelessly and with utter dedication to achieve a high level of excellence in a bilingual school that distinguishes itself from all other schools. To be part of Lirima School is without doubt a unique experience that joins everyone in a community based on mutual respect, responsibility, solidarity and happiness; the fundamental elements that are the basis of our School Educational Project.
Junior school is a level that is recognized for its charisma and daily energy to confront every new challenge, an attitude that is reflected in its team of teachers and their intrinsic motivation for our students. It is here that we glimpse the transcendental steps of autonomy, personality development and self-esteem. From an academic perspective, the study habits are internalized and used in the acquisition of a second language, achieving the development of skills necessary to reach a level that is internationally recognized.
We invite you to work with us in a positive and enthusiastic manner to guide each of your children along the path of success. The protagonist will be without doubt the academic task and values of our students who will continually receive the necessary tools to become people capable of developing with confidence and freedom, showing their aptitudes are internalized skills that will allow them to be protagonists in an exceptional future.
“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”. Malcolm X.


Rose Marie Kuschel
Head of Jnior School





Senior School Staff

Claudia Fernández T.
Junior School Inspector
Margarita Carvajal A.
Form Teacher 1st Grade A
Nicolle Orellana D.
Co-Teacher 1st Grade A


María Alejandra Saavedra G.
Form Teacher 1st Grade B
Valentina Torres M.
Co-Teacher 1st Grade B
Glaucia Ortíz N.
Form Teacher 2nd Grade A


Felipe Araya J.
Co-Teacher 2nd Grade A
Leonardo Torreblanca E.
Form Teacher 2nd Grade B
Kiana Sadarangani S.
Co-Teacher 2nd Grade B


Libni Solis A.
Form Teacher 3rd Grade A
Rocio Urdanivia R.
Form Teacher 3rd Grade B
Mauricio Araya R.
Form Teacher 4th Grade A

Evelyn Espinoza B.
Form Teacher 4th Grade B
Claudia Calderón A.
Form Teacher 5th Grade A
Juan Carlos Meza P.
Form Teacher 5th Grade B

Raquel Silva C.
Form Teacher 6th Grade A
Marcia Ledezma C.
Form Teacher 6th Grade B
María Eloisa Rojas A.
Spanish Teacher

Priscila Galdames J.
Art Teacher
Diego Choque R.
Patricia Román S.
Physical Education Teacher

Alvaro Gutierrez F.
Physical Education Teacher
Natalie Uttamchandani M.
Infant & Junior Counselor
Carolina Heredia D.
Music Teacher

Excelsa Capetillo R.
Belia Theart.