“A house without books is like a room without windows.”  ~Heinrich Mann

The goal of the school library is to support the mission statement of delivering a “bilingual education of high academic level with values that reflect the challenges of today’s society in a global environment”.
We strive to provide intellectual and physical access to quality print materials. This will warrant a community of students who achieve information literacy by developing effective cognitive strategies for selecting, retrieving, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, creating, and communicating information. Furthermore, we seek to promote life-long learning and a love for reading and literature in general.

Reading is fun … our new Reading project to share with Lirima´s families.
Reading a story starts from early years, before children initiate their formal education, connecting with letters, words and reading material in their home and environment.
Lirima is beginning an early reading program from Play Group through second grade. Children will take a book home and share with their parents and family. In this way we initiate a love for reading and caring for written stories.
It is our goal as school to promote younger readers and in that way we improve vocabulary and reading comprehension.
Below you will find some tips to consider at the moment of reading a story.

  • Reading should be an activity that provides comfort, enjoy and relaxation
  • Avoid distractors, television, music, phones
  • Establish a place and time for reading every day
  • Invite your child to choose a book
  • Before to start reading a story invite him to imagine, read the title of the book and ask what she or he imagines the story is about
  • Let the child hold the book,  look at the illustrations and turn the pages carefully
  • Help understand and comprehend the story reading slowly and asking questions
  • Read with oral expression, use tones of voices and pause as required
  • Repeat the story to the child, they enjoy listening the same story and challenge them by changing the end



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Our Mission

Our commitment is to deliver a bilingual education of a high academic level with values that reflect the challenges of today’s society in a global environment.

Our Vision

We dream of building a school of excellence where children and adolescents can develop their life plan in a nurturing family environment aspiring to encourage in them values inspired by respect, solidarity, responsibility and happiness.


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