Based on our mission, Lirima School invites our students to develop civically and personally.
Mindful of the knowledge of a future society within the world, the participation of the students in the Student Council, allows them to develop into future leaders capable of confronting this ever changing society using the school values and helping to create a school of excellence.

Some of the principal objectives that this Council is working for are:

- Fairly represent the students of the school, as well as answer their necessities and anxieties.
- To make possible different ways that enables the support of individual expression. 
- Perfect the capacity of students to choose freely and responsibly.
- Develop social and solidarity activities to put into practice the values of our school.
- Stimulate having the leading constructive role according to the objectives of the school. 
- Contribute and strengthen harmony and integration of all of the components of the Educational Community (Students, teachers, directors, parents, etc.)

Motivate interest on behalf of the students about a Student Council that is capable of generating an identity in every student, thereby perpetuating its existence.