Institutional Project.

"The Route of the Pacific War."

What is it?
It is an Institutional Project designed for Senior School, organized by the departments of History, Geography and Social Studies, in the form of a study trip linked to the curriculum and especially included in the 8th grade studies.
The activities are designed to satisfy the transverse objectives of the Curriculum and will have 2 evaluations in Study and Understanding of Society.
The trip taken this year consists of 2 stages.
Firstly, a national tour of the important sites during the Pacific War. These include a city tour of Iquique and a boat trip to Pisagua, kindly made possible by the generous help of the IV Naval Zone.
Secondly, an international trip which includes Tacna and Lima in Peru, where the students again tour the important historic sites related to the Pacific War.

What are the objectives of this Project ?

These are:
Analyze the historic process of the Pacific War, which enables the students to understand the many reasons and consequences of the conflict and valuing the importance of it in our local and national history.
Explore the local and regional history, valuing the sites, physical remains and historic monuments as an important source of local and national education.
Visit the historic sites of the Pacific war, so the students may form an historic route which allows them to experience and recreate what happened. This will enable them to value the individual and collective actions of this period.
Develop within the students the ability to compile, analyze and show oral and written information of an applicable topic.
Think about the importance of peace after the conflict and value the relationships that Chile has with its neighboring countries.
Develop the capacity to work in a group to achieve an objective.
Deepen the feelings of respect, team spirit and friendship between classmates and teachers



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