Dear Parents,
I would like to express my sincere warm welcome to all for this new school year. Together, we will all experience this journey, with energy, dedication, daily work and determination. We, the Staff of the Senior School, are ready to accompany and guide your children in this personal and academic time of growth, supporting them with our knowledge, professionalism and love for what we do.
All year, we need the commitment of parents, to achieve our school dream to provide a quality education in a family environment, forming well rounded humans with a commitment to the needs of the world and whose values correspond to our academic community’s: respect, responsibility, solidarity and happiness.
I would like to remind everyone that the Senior School has two off campus field trips, La Ruta de la Guerra del Pacifico for the 8th graders and the Travesia del Desierto for students from 9th to 12th grade, where the students will work as a team, across subjects, to create a very significant learning experience. Your support is imperative to the success of these two academic projects, which are directly tied to the school and the education of your children, and are fundamental in their personal growth.
Finally, I invite you to be part of the learning process and development of your children, to walk together with them to help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

With warm regards and expectations for a successful 2019 school year.


Marianne Kaempfe Rossi
Head of Senior School





Senior School Staff


Carmen Garcia A.
Deputy Head of Senior
Leonel Cifuentes V.
Support Head of Senior
Felix Capilla L.
Form Teacher 7th Grade A
Mathematics Teacher


Nicole Robles C.
Form Teacher 7th Grade B
Music Teacher
Gabriela Parra C.
Form Teacher 8th Grade A
Spanish Teacher
Magaly Roco S.
Form Teacher 8th Grade B
History Teacher


Evelyn Araya C.
Form Teacher 9th Grade A
English Teacher
Carlos Mancilla V.
Form Teacher 9th Grade B
Mathematics Teacher
Williams Thompson S.
Form Teacher 10th Grade A
Spanish Teacher


Karla Gallegos V.
Form Teacher 10th Grade B
Physical Teacher
Vanessa Arévalo S.
Form Teacher 11th Grade A
Mathematics Teacher
Enrique Gonzalez P.
Form Teacher 11th Grade B
P.E Teacher


Jenny Castro J.
Form Teacher 12th Grade A
Biology Teacher
Isabel de la Fuente A.
Form Teacher 12th Grade B
Philosophy Teacher
Claudia González G.
Art and Technology Teacher


Camila Pérez R.
Art and Technology Teacher
Cristian Yáñez P.
History Teacher
Miguel Muñoz R.
Biology Teacher


Cristina Mancheno N.
Spanish Teacher
Head of Spanish Department
Marta Rubilar I.
Spanish Teacher
Carlos Torres N.
English Teacher 
Head of English Department


Ricardo Rivas B
Spanish Teacher
Yusmeny Chirino B.
Mathematics Teacher
Yasmin Muñoz A.
Spanish Teacher


Constanza Iturriaga V.
School counselor