Crossing the Desert is one of the most important Institutional Projects that the Senior School undertakes. The crossing is one of the most significant activities, realized in the desert that satisfies the curriculum and takes the form of a study tour.

Academically it is led by the Head of Senior School together with the academic advisory board and the teachers in charge of the projects. The logistics are organized by the Administration Management of the school.

The project is designed to develop cognitive, emotional, social and judgmental abilities by interdisciplinary group work at the site. In this instance, the students’ related new information to that which they already knew and in so doing learnt an important lesson.

The project consists of 4 different routes assigned to the four different levels in the Senior School.

In each route, the teachers design different projects using interdisciplinary work for the students, who after fulfilling their activity are awarded a grade in each subject that is represented in that project.

The projects are designed by the teachers of those subjects and each student must choose to sign up for the subject that he/she is most interested in.


Objectives of the project:

•        Develop the ability to work in a multidisciplinary group situation.
•        Understand, appreciate and value the relationship between the environment, ethnic, cultural, social, emotional, spiritual, and biological aspects of the inhabitants and the environment of the places visited.
•        Deepen the relationships of respect, camaraderie and friendship between the students and the teachers.


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