Dear students, families, teaching team, education assistants, good morning!!!
We are starting a new school year! A new opportunity to grow as individuals and as a community. It is an honor for me, as the new Head of School, to greet you and welcome you to this 2020 school year. We hope that your summer vacation was a time to share with friends, to do and discover new things, to renew energies and enjoy the benefits of family life. We also hope that the summer has brought everybody the desire to learn, especially in your children, so that together we can fully develop their potential. On behalf of Lirima´s School, we want to convey our optimism and commitment to face this new year. Also tell you that our classrooms, halls and courtyards, await you to be filled with life and joy, because our students are the soul of our school, the force that moves us and their progress is main reason for our teaching. We, especially, greet the families that join our institution this year, inviting them to integrate and participate in this educational community that receives them today. We have been working with renewed vigor and with much joy and responsibility, in order to give our best in achieving the objectives we have proposed for 2020. We would like to thank the parents and guardians for the trust placed in our school and in allowing us to educate their children. We ask you then to walk together in the same direction, to be demanding, to motivate order both at school and at home, because then the contribution that touches us as educators will be transcendent in the life of each of your children. Teachers, passionate your students for learning!!. Leave a mark on them, so that they leave a mark on you too. Remember that a teacher, who motivates and teaches with love and dedication, forms successful students! Have a wonderful 2020.
Head of School Miss. Andrea R. Andreani