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On behalf of our Lirima community, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you, and invite you to explore our school website.

Colegio Lirima  has a longstanding tradition of providing a diverse and dynamic learning environment, supported by a strong, supportive sense of community. We pride ourselves in being an English/Spanish bilingual school, with an integral commitment to diversity. As an independent school, we are able to research and apply the best global educational philosophies that are available today.

Our educational approach reflects our belief that children are holistic beings.  A student’s learning spans his or her life, both inside and outside of the classroom, so to address only one educational facet of a child would be to miss the other vital aspects. Children are capable of discovering new and profound answers to questions through collaborative work and accepting and connecting to the larger global community. For the children of the 21st Century, critical thinking and the ability to synthesize information is vital.

As an extension of this philosophy, our school provides the opportunities for students to experience a multi-disciplinary learning experience, outside of the school boundaries, through the Travesia del Desierto y En la Ruta de la Guerra del Pacifico programs.

We are proud of the cultural diversity within our student body, and value how this enriches classroom discussion and builds attitudes of respect for all points of view.

The goal for all Colegio Lirima students is that they will be poised to successfully face the constantly evolving demands and challenges of the modern world, and will able to pursue a life of commitment, purpose and meaning.

Thank you for your interest in our school, and I invite you to be part of our very special community.

Anne Lang

Our Mission

Our commitment is to deliver a bilingual education of a high academic level with values that reflect the challenges of today’s society in a global environment.

Our Vision

We dream of building a school of excellence where children and adolescents can develop their life plan in a nurturing family environment aspiring to encourage in them values inspired by respect, solidarity, responsibility and happiness.


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